• In January, 2018, the live, public version of the AACT database will be moving to a new server. The hostname/IP address you use to connect to it will change. The new IP address will be static so that those who need to, can add it to their organization's network whitelist. This AACT website will remain at the current url, so you will always be able to find information about how to connect to the current database here.
  • The live AACT database is temporarily unavailable because the daily update is running.

Download AACT

A static copy of the AACT database is created on the first of each month. The most recent and archived copies are available for download. These can be used to create a local copy of a particular instance of the database. A number of query and analytic tools (such as SAS, pgAdmin & R) can then be used to connect to and query your local copy.

For those who prefer to access the data via simple flat files, static copies are also available as a zipped package of pipe-delimited files.