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Summaries and Trends of Interventional Trials in 2008-2016

Summary: We were interested in examining how the characteristics of trials registered at have changed over time.

Details: We accessed the AACT database using SAS(R) v 9.4. Our analysis was restricted to interventional studies registered between 2008-2016. We classified trials according to Funding source (Industry/NIH/Other, derived from sponsor and collaborator fields), Phase, Intervention Type, Site Location (U.S. sites compared to sites in the rest of the world), and appointment of a Data Monitoring Committee. We also examined patterns in months from study start to completion, and in months from study completion to reporting of results at in selected subgroups of studies. An example graph is displayed in the image file displayed above. The attached Excel file displays additional graphs. To create the Excel file we generated summary numbers from SAS, output them, and created the graphs in Excel. Graphs were also generated directly using SAS procedures (see code and output shared via GitHub).

Attachment:   graphs_interventional_trials_March132017.xlsx

K. Chiswell, Duke Clinical Research Institute

Submitted: 2017-03-12 19:04:35

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