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Clinwiki - Website to crowd-source the task of rating and annotating clinical trials (beta)

Summary: A crowd-source platform aimed at publicly highlighting well-designed studies

Details: Clinwiki is a platform that will provide the public with the tools to annotate clinical trials, flag missing or incorrect data elements, enter lay summaries and rate clinical trials on a number of dimensions including: Ease of participation Potential for breakthrough efficacy Side effect risk Quality of design Overall risk/reward Contributing users will be categorized into types: Verified Physician Specialist Medical Professional Scientist General User Within this, users will be ranked based on social metrics - #ratings/comments, upvotes of comments, etc. The website dynamically queries and retrieves clinical trials data from AACT and then saves user-entered values to a separate database administered by Clinwiki staff. Clinwiki is currently under development. A preliminary version is available at the link provided.

Willy Hoos

Submitted: 2017-03-20 18:07:45

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